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Who is MYA Acquisitions?

MYA Acquisitions is a premier marketing and sales consulting firm servicing the Cleveland area. We specialize in new account acquisition for one of the nation’s largest energy providers. Our expertise lies in our face-to-face consulting approach – a marketing strategy that puts a personal touch on the sales process. By meeting with consumers in approved retail locations, our professionally trained representatives are able to create brand loyalty and long-term customer acquisition for our clients!

Amazing Staff

MYA Acquisitions is staffed with some of the top sales performers in the Midwest.The team can be summed up into one word: unified. We provide a competitive and rewarding work environment conducive to growth!

We’re competitive, and we talk a big game – but we believe every word we say, and we deliver. We’re of the thought process that the best way to ensure our success is to work hard for it. We teach our team that you can work for yourself and your goals, or work for someone else’s. We choose our goals every day.


Management Trainers

Hands on training from Management is provided for both our retail setting and our in-office setting. We believe in providing all we can for our employees, clients, and future partners. As one of our clients, you can count on our relentless execution to help reach your target. Our company only promotes within, and provides all opportunities and training needed to succeed.

We talk about our goals daily. Without individual and team goals driving us, our intent and focus to deliver excellence would be limited. MYA Acquisitions prides itself on focusing on the group over the individual, allowing us to bring different skills and strengths to the table every single day.

Learn from the very best

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Working hours

Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

We are here

5005 Rockside Road
Phone: (216) 243-9471
Email: myaacquisitions@gmail.com


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